Ryan McMahon Interview

Ryan McMahon Interview


To celebrate the debut of Dig the Artist, we are releasing an interview from the 6AM Sessions that featured the comedy of Ryan McMahon and Clint Couchie.

Derek Miller and Ryan McMahon sat down after the show and discussed a variety of topics ranging from Indigenous content creation, trends in media and personal heroes. It was a ton of fun and super-informative.

The interview provides insight into how a digital revolution is changing the industry by taking the power from the broadcaster and putting it into the hands of the content creators. Ryan speaks of the importance of Independent Indigenous Media and why companies like 6 Arrows Media and Indian and Cowboy are important to the future of broadcast.

It is also the birth of a star: The 6AM Dump Couch!

For more information about Ryan McMahon and Indian and Cowboy, CLICK HERE.


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